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    Willamette sturgeon sanctuary?

    So I think I'm correct in saying that from willamette falls to the oak grove railroad bridge is a designated sturgeon spawning sanctuary through august? Does this mean that catch and release is also prohibited? If so I was wondering where I'd have the best luck from the bank. I've got a crazy...
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    Upper Sandy fishing?

    I'm headed to a rental property on the sandy right in between mt hood village and zig zag the 3rd week in march. Having access the the sandy in the backyard immeadiatly gets my hopes high for steelhead but I don't know how the upper sandy fares. Is the fishing in the upper sandy comparable to...
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    Abu Garcia 6501 upgrades?

    I just finally realized I could upgrade and customize my Abu 6501 anyway I want to. Problem is there are so many things and upgrade parts. Anyone have a suggestion for where to start?
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    Anyone familiar with fishing the D River in Lincoln City?

    I'm headed to lincoln city in 2 weeks for a buddys birthday and just realized the rental house is a stones throw away from the d river. I know it's really tiny but is there any fishing to be had in the 440 ft connection between devils lake and the pacific?
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    Fishing campsite?

    Does anyone know of any campsites around portland that are on the water? Preferably on some water with some sort of catfish population but anything is welcomed. I just want to fish at my campsite but can't seem to find anything.
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    Ross island fishing? lagoon or holgate channel?

    I'm taking a kayak around ross island this weekend was wondering if anyone had ever fished the lagoon or eastside slough. Going for whatever feels like taking some bait any suggestions?