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    Lingcod season

    Great report!
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    Morning carp

    Great job! Looks like a blast.
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    Willie temp back up to 50F

    Temp is dropping again in Newberg. 52 on Tuesday, now 49 and dropping.
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    How does the rain effect trout?

    In my experience it is the rapid drop in barometric pressure during the passing of a cold front that kills fishing. Stable barometric pressure is good for fishing. The rain we get in the winter is not associated with a cold front passing through, it occurs during stable barometric conditions and...
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    How does the rain effect trout?

    I am similar in opinion to what everyone has said but I think there is another aspect to it. I believe it causes them to become pretty negative in terms of aggressiveness but I think it also causes fish (based on bass, trout and panfish observations) to school up very tightly. Thus, the fish are...
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    Slow day at Hagg, 16 November 2019

    Thanks, I thought the video quality seemed better as well. Somehow when I had the camera on a chest strap the video quality was kind of crappy. No idea why I get improvement but something about a gift horse and a mouth :)
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    Slow day at Hagg, 16 November 2019

    I got to Hagg around sunrise and headed out to start trolling. The fog was really thick to start but lifted pretty quickly. I started...
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    Slow day at Hagg, 16 November 2019

    I got to Hagg around sunrise and headed out to start trolling. The fog was really thick to start but lifted pretty quickly. I started trolling towards the No Wake buoys and immediately caught a micro perch on a tiny crankbait. At least the skunk was off quickly. I trolled along the buoy line...
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    MIxed bag at Hagg 09 November 2019

    I decided to hit Hagg this past Saturday for two reasons. My shoulder (torn labrum) was still sore from sturgeon fishing the weekend before and I had told @pinstriper that the fishing should still be good at Hagg...
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    Ceadaroak with portlandrain, 22 September 2019

    We got to the water right around first light, but there was not much of that to be had. There was a dense, Stephen King-like fog, permeating the air. I was not sure how that would affect the fishing. The water had come up a little and dropped back down...
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    Decided to lower (Willamette) my expectations this weekend

    I hit the lower river out of George Rogers park on Saturday. The forecast for a calm morning and a windy Sunday pulled me off my normal Sunday fishing routine. I got to the river at daybreak and was a little dismayed by the lack of visible surface...
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    Newberg smallmouth, 8 September 2019

    I hit the Willie out of Newberg on Sunday the 8th. The forecast was for the second day of a cooling trend with rain in the forecast. I had a hard time sleeping the night before. Often these cooling trends in the fall are dynamite. I slept in a little...
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    George Rogers Park, 02 August 2019

    I had not been out fishing for a couple of weeks so I was stoked to get to fish on a Friday. My plan was to get out early but he 1.5 hour drive back from the beach turned into a 6 hour ordeal (motorhome or something caught on fire) which wiped me out a...
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    Amazing day of fishing, 30 June 2019

    I fished the upper Willamette out of Willamette park again on Sunday. They put the flashboards in at the falls on Thursday and the river was up 3' by Sunday (really by Saturday). It was like fishing a completely different river from the week before. In...
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    Hagg Lake on Sunday March 31st

    I had another great day out on Hagg on Sunday, March 31st. There are so many fish in the lake right now. When the wind dies you can see them chasing flies all over the lake. They are in what I would call loose schools but the schools are spread all...
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