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  • how to fish corkies

    I don't know anyhting about corkies. Do they make the fish angry or something? and how do you use em because there is like a real way and a snagging way i believe.

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    I like to bring a couple toothpicks with me and lightly wedge the tip inside the corkie to keep it from sliding up and down my line. This way it stays just above the hook. Just don't jam the toothpick in too hard or you may damage and weaken your leader. If you forget or don't have toothpicks you can snap off a little twig and use it instead. I use them when I drift fish to keep my gear a little above the bottom.


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      I believe corkies represent an egg,or a cluster of eggs,but who really knows what a fish is thinking when it strikes? Corkies are most commonly drift fished for steelhead and salmon, although catching trout and other species is not unusual.The drift rig I use is as follows; 10-12 lb mono mainline,dropshot swivel,pencil lead (pinched onto a tag of mono, tied to the dropped eye of the swivel),24"-36" mono or flouro leader tied with an egg loop to a size 6 to 2 octopus style hook.The corkie is slid onto the leader before tying (the leader) to the swivel, and secured just above the hook with a toothpick.The corkie should be size matched to the hook (it should just pass through the hook's gap).As far as the right way to fish this setup,snagging or "lining" is a highly debatable subject. IMO,the longer the leader a person uses,the higher the chance of "flossing" the leader thru a breathing or moving fishes mouth. The "fisherman" will feel this,and set the hook with an upward jerking movement. This can be often observed at hatchery deadlines, and most popular combat areas. However, this technique has been proven very effective, and can be used in a sporting and ethical manner. Learning to identify "fishy"water, the feel of a fish taking,the proper size and color of corky,just the right amount of weight ect, makes this form of fishing a great way to learn to "feel" the river,tie knots, choose gear ect.


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        Corkies first role is used as a drift bobber. It keeps your bait floating in the strike zone. With corkies now, they come in all different sizes, shapes and colors. I personally do not like corkies. If they ride up and down your line they can weaken it. When a fish bites, the corkie is hard and unnatural. The fish will spit that sucker out.

        I only use puffballs now, or fishpills. Same thing. I like the Mad river fish pills. They are a soft foam ball that come in different colors. You run the hook point right through the middle of them and they keep your bait off the bottom, riding perfectly in the strike zone. They also keep your hook from snagging bottom and saves alot of gear from breaking off.


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          Originally posted by Kais View Post
          I don't know anyhting about corkies. Do they make the fish angry or something? and how do you use em because there is like a real way and a snagging way i believe.
          Fish strike corkies for the same reason they strike any other lure or bait! Angry??? Possibly! Curious??? Possibly! Instinct??? Who knows? I have seen spring Chinook backed down a tailout and boil behind straight roe....What works a fish up? :think:

          I have caught a ton of fish on corkies! Bite'em just like roe....chomp,chomp,chomp!!!

          Do not use toothpicks to peg your corkies! PM me and I will tell you a much better way!


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            Hey Santiamdrifter...

            I too like the Mad River Fish Pill much better! Since I stumbled onto them I haven't looked back...I also have been tying yarn balls and like them much better than a corkey...DB.
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