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    Is it legal to fish for crappie at night time on look out point,plus is it legal to use lights, and is there crappie rigin regulations i have always wanted to know ? does anyone have info if it is legal, if so please reply. thanks !!

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    According to page 11 of the 2013 regulations you are good to go for crappie at night. But you might want to get a copy of the regulations and double check just so you can be more sure of it. Also any questions regarding regulations can be answered by calling ODF&W at 503-947-6000 or 1-800-720-6339. The real question is how are you cooking those fine fish? I hope it's in pride of the west beer batter.
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    Most of the time we use Golden Dipt Beer Batter Fry Mix......YUM...... ...
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    thats for the web site hawk apprishiate

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