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Can not wait to get our new boat in the water. I have been rigging it and it is about ready to fish. but our lakes are VERY low right now.
im heading up to lost lake next weekend for the weekend, and taking my fly rods with me. I read some of your post and was wondering if you have been up there recently. been looking at maps and having a hard time locating structure, it all looks pretty flat,clear and deep. Do you recomend any good fall fly patterns besides the basics.
Dude, I been calling all your numbers. Someone else's answering machine came on for your cell phone.

What the heck ?

Call me.
Hello,Gulfstream here [Whip] Thanks for the callback.I guess I wrote down the wrong number when I tried to call you back.Can you please call me again 541-435-0213 Thank
Hi 1 Nut in the water. I really want to sell as a group so I don’t have left overs at the end. I would let them all go to you for $20.00 if that helps, and i will throw in 2 of my home made Salmon lures to boot. Trying make this work for both of us. Thanks Dan U.
Hello! Sorry to hear about the health issues. I would give you $5 for the "what fish see" book
Also I live rather close by (Alvadore) and would be happy to help you take your boat out anytime or if you would like a have a decent 2 man boat (smokercraft Tracer) and you would be more then welcome to join me. I do a lot of koke , salmon, steel, trout, you name it fishing and am heading to diamond, crane, wickiup for at least 3 days beginning this friday.

16 year real estate consultant ,volunteer coordinator and coach of the local Special Olympics program and my dog thinks I am the worlds greatest fisherman!

Thanks for the offer. I am not much fun to be around these days, but maybe someday it will be better. Ok, here is my best offer. You buy all the books for $15.00, and I will throw in 2 of my hand made Salmon Trolling lures. My e-mail is Good luck fishing. Dan
One nut, If you still want that book e-mail me and come and get it. I need to sell something by golly. I guess $5.00 last better than no dollars. Thanks, Dan Uchytil
No worries, qwapaw. Go to the desired topic, on the second row of headings (under the picture) you should see a tab titled "+New Topic". Click there to start a new post. It took me a while to find it after the last forum update, too.
Hi Roger,

I'm wondering why you flagged Fishnsleep's thread, about the flasher storage boxes. I've re-read the rules. But can't find any reason to delete, that thread.

If I'm missing something, please let me know.


P.S. I've never fished the ocean, or bays. So I really enjoy your posts!
all I saw in that post was a sales pitch to sell flasher boxes, and a link to where he is selling them. I assumed pure 'selling stuff' posts would go under "Classifieds". that's it. cheers, roger
I meant "Sell, Buy, Trade". the sub-thread on the kayak forum is called "Classifieds"..
Hey buddy, I saw your anchors. I have 2 friends, who can probably use them. What city do live in, or near? I'm in Corvallis. And my friends are in Salem, and Newberg, respectively.
Independence, I can run them down there on Thursday or Friday or any other time really.
Hi Roger. James here, we met one day on the Siuslaw last summer. Im very interested in taking my fishing yak out and getting into some ocean fishing. Steelhead just isnt the same. I have seen a few of your vids etc. Im looking for any info help to properly and safely set up my yak, and locations that wont kill a new guy. Also, what depth finder and power supply are you running on your yak? please and thank you sir. James
Hi Mark! When are we gonna do the Duzer for metal heads?
Hey Tony! Man - bums me out they closed the corridor for angling!!! makes me madder than mad when it comes up - closed now at the West end now. You been out much? I started out too strong and without hooking up, I've since taken a small break..
Im nearly all fly now.. not much interest in bobber an jigs, drifting bait or even bead fishing! lol old age creepin' in - not so much about bangin' a ton of fish as it is some really good hardy aggressive fish!!
I'd love to fish with you, I do most my trips solo anymore.. hit me up, lets get out! 503-910-6756
Little Nestucca should be kickin' out a fish or two?
I noticed you were able to make a change for a guys screen name and was wondering if you could do that for me also. If not it is not a problem. How ever if you could, either Cave Bear or Big Foot's Buddy will work. I will let you make the choice. I appreciate it.

Good day Sir...
I finely reached the moment in my boat refit that I need hull numbers and a name... If you still have the equipment I would like to make arrangements to have them created... Looking forward to your reply..

Sure Chuck. What do you need.

Please correspond via email so we can eventually send attachments.

Sorry; but Forum Rules do not permit selling items...unless you meet the following requirements. So I am removing, your ad. But wanted you, to know why.

While Oregon Fishing Forum welcomes buying, selling and trading between members, we do not want to risk allowing spammers or scammers the opportunity to take advantage of our valued members. To prevent this a member must meet strict criteria;
1. Be a member for a minimum of 30 days.
2. Be a contributing member by posting a minimum of 30 posts.
3. Website links are not allowed within pictures or videos until the aforementioned criteria is met.
4. No illegal activity will be tolerated, authorities will be notified immediately if such activity is suspected.
5. Members are allowed to add a website or blog site link to the signature after 30 days.
6. Chain letters, pyramid schemes and solicitations are not allowed.

The rules and regulations of The Oregon Fishing Forum must be followed at all times. If you are found not to be in compliance with or in objection to the regulations, you will be banned from forum membership. The Administrator reserves the right to modify, add to, or remove rules at anytime.
HI, sorry Troutdude snapped it right up when I posted it. Been fight the computer try to get back too you. Thanks again, Dan
Hi. Any chance I can change my username? I'd like to have it changed to "PK YI" if possible. Thanks.