Your fishing related nightmares..


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What almost happened that gives you nightmares even today?

I'll tell you mine. Nothing related to falling in a fast flowing river or a boat turning turtle, but something that is still very much in my mind even a few years later after it almost happened.

I think it was in 2015 or 2016, I was in some trip with Tanner (@onthedrop or steelmonkiller, and the subject of shad fishing came up. He mentioned a few productive trip he had, offered a deal for shad fishing at Oregon City and I accepted. On the agreed day, a friend of mine and I met Tanner as promised.

A great Oregon summer day, few beers/whiskeys (can't remember to be honest but I think it was both), a few nice fighting shad on light rigs, and I was kind of dopey. Very dopey indeed. Felt asleep with a rod in my hands. And my dear friend Tanner decided that it was time to change my bait or something, and that the best way to cut the line was with his teeth. I suddenly felt a jerk on the line, almost set the hook and then I woke up. Still gives me Heebie-jeebies, In a few seconds I would have hooked Tanner on his lips and he would have probably dumped me in the Willamette, and I can't swim! Hope Tanner has stopped doing that now, I've told him at least once about it but not sure if he ever realized how close he was to get a suddenly hooked fish experience!

What's your story?



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I still have nightmares about the prospect of letting boats rub at the launch and maybe getting a huge bill for scratching somebody’s wrap.

Terrifies me. Keeps my up at night. Drives me to drink.


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Anchoring on the Columbia River below Bonneville. The current was swift and we tossed the heavy off the bow, I tried to back the boat down and the line got sucked into both props. Now we are anchored with a short rope in fast water by the stern. The stern was starting to get sucked down and if it wasn't for a sharp knife close at hand, the boat would have went down. We would have been dumped into the fast cold February waters of the Columbia. As it was we were now floating down stream without power. I had to lean over the stern and with the trusty knife, cut the lines out of the props. This was completely avoidable. I should of had the bow down stream and never put those motors in reverse. The anchor would have caught the bottom and the boat would have swung around. A lesson I will not forget!


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A couple of years ago I was fishing from my kayak with my wife and some sTinker who used to be on this forum. We were about a half mile offshore in a kelp bed. Never flipped before in six years but got a little careless reaching in back for some gear and ended up way OFF balance. Split second later I'm underwater looking up at kelp thinking I'm going to die. (I hate swimming) Fortunately, I remembered how to self rescue even though it had been a few years since I had practiced. I got the kayak flipped and myself back on top pretty soon but lost about $300 worth of rods and tackle and ruined a camera. I was glad to have been wearing a pfd and dry suit, though, as I was able to continue fishing but, ohhh the adrenaline!