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Hey all. First post (be gentle while removing the hook).

Wouldn’t it be handy if the ODFW published a list of rivers open to trout fishing in the winter instead of having to dig through the “exceptions” section for each part of the state?

Does anyone have such a list? Seems like I recall seeing it in a previous edition of the regs, but I can’t find it this year...


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I think so many rivers and streams are linked to steelhead and salmon even FG have a tough time with the regs.
I just opened the 2020 always hoping to see Lobster Creek in curry county open for trout season but it still is closed.
Fished it yrs ago and its unreal for cutthroat and small steelhead.
Don't understand the closing of Odell I could have fished it another month for Macks
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On your next outing inc pics
Merry Xmas


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Welcome aboard! I personally don't mind digging through the regulations to find these open creeks, but I am relatively used to it. A quicker way might be to look at the recreation report on OFDW's website. A lot of times they will list whether a creek is closed or not and any current regulation updates/changes.


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Welcome to OFF @Browntoe.

On the zone maps, in the reg book, ODFW does highlight in red--all streams that are closed year round. But wouldn't it be nice if they also highlighted, in a different color, the steams which are open in the winter?

Maybe we should all send that suggestion in, to the folks at ODFW. To see if they would be willing to do that. Seems like an easy fix to me.
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