Winter steelhead are coming in!


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Went to do an early season scout trip for winter steelhead while scouting for places to swing later in the season. First spot and second run of the day hooked up with an explosive grab and take. The kind you don't have to even set, just took off then he tried to fight it out down deep with some vicious head shakes and never jumped. Was an amazing fight in my switch rod and glad I came with my 8 wt as it was an intense strong fight to the end. Even had some guys bobber fishing below us before I got to the run and didn't expect much but it paid off to be thorough. Landed one, had one really good grab with some head shakes, and saw one surface so they're spread out and not in thick but really good signs for an early coastal run even after the rivers dropped a lot by today.


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C_Run;n614923 said:
Nice, good to know. I have thought of doing the same. I probably have not fished since September.
Definitely worth getting out there and watching the river levels and temps, more rain coming and that should help us out