Winter steelhead 2019 show OFF


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I'm not sure how there got to be an extra picture, not sure how to get rid of it. Sorry.


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I'm finally on the scoreboard for 2019. A 10lb. hatchery buck (by my trusty Rapala spring scale) on a Waco jig, not too pretty but a keeper nonetheless. Then a wild brute on a blue Steelie.
excellent. extra picture? what extra picture? (wink wink...)


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Couple nice hatchery fish from the Clack last Sunday.............

Mine, on top, 9#ish hen......
My neighbors, on bottom, slightly colored 8# buck......

Caught my hottest nate of my season the day before on Saturday. 12#+ chromer that came out of the water 4-5 times and made 2 reel screaming runs before I could tail it. Tried to get a picture but just as I handed my phone to a guy to take the pic the fish rolled up on my leader and snap, it was gone. One of those fish that makes ya keep coming back for more.........

It was a good weekend (especially since I could only fish the first 2 hours of daylight both days)...