Winter steelhead 2019 show OFF


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Excellent day today! Spur of the moment decision once again to go out, river was rising but VERY slowly. Was able to find a great spot with no other anglers in sight. Hooked and tailed a nice wild fish right OFF the bat on a spinner. Not the best fight for a wild fish, he must have been a bit tired out. Quickly released with no photos, but that's fine with me, was just stoked to hook up! An hour or so later hooked another fish which spit the hook, was a little fish scale on my gami :) Fish hit the bead instead of a shrimp topped jig. Decided to drift fish and second cast hooked and landed a beautiful hen on a corkie and yarn. Got it all on the gopro, was an excellent fight and I was able to land her in high water without a net in a very small space. Nice tight eggs and beautiful meat, never know with those hens. She wasn't in the river very long at all.
2/3 in 3 hours trifecta style, one on the spinner, one on the bobber and one drift fishing. Good times

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No secret when the rivers shape up a bit it's time to go indeed! Still a bit high for most of the river. Peak season after a good rise...……..go time! Thanks C_Run


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Great video.

It is possible your lab is my labs sibling. 🎣
Yeah. It may be possible our fishin dogs are related. My girl is a rescue out of WA. Based on her one blue eye, the white blaze on her chest, and shape of her ears I think she has some Aussie in her. Probably the reason for her not handling the cold very well either. Our dogs are at least related via their masters' love for fishing if nothing more. Haha
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