Winchester Bay springers?


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Has anyone been to Winchester Bay after springers, or know if there is anything starting to happen yet? Thanks for your time.



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Seems like most effort for umpy springers is in the river. Scottsburg and up is the usual place to fish.

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When the water is SUPER low, the springers will mill around in the lower river a bit(like fall fish) but for the most part springers just cruise until above reach of tide before they start holding. There is a high tide fishery at and just outside the jaws.

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There are occasional springers caught from the bank at halfmoon bay...There is also a late portion of the run that hits the river in June, when they hit that warm water they will hold below the 101 bridge in reedsport for a week or two before moving upstream. This time of year though I think they blast through to the head of tide pretty fast.
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