Wilson River report 10/11 & 10/12


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Not a detailed report here (and it wouldn't be much immediate use with this upcoming weather anyhow) but took a couple days off to hang out with my sister on the coast and fish. Hit the Wilson (tidewater, bank as usual..) for about 8 hours over the course of the two days. Got skunked other than a couple small SRC.

As usual, fished spoons and spinners. Because the water was so clear I avoided using an inline weight like I often do with my spinner. Debris level was manageable and I feel like my presentation was good. Remember as you hit these rivers for the first time each Fall, the physical nature of each spot may be different than the year before - too early to tell if it was the case this time.

Based on what I saw, the fishing was slow, and I'm thinking there just weren't that many fish in. This past rain is pretty early for a first Fall freshet and I'm sure there were many that were not ready to go up yet.

That said, I know folks got into some fish on the river. Saw 3 caught from boats Tuesday and one caught today from boat. Congrats to those of you who got into them this past week. I'm sure the next (non-typhoon) rain will bring a good mess of fish up for the rest of us!

(Sure was nice out tho...)

Anyone else have a report, or thoughts about how the Tillamook rivers usually fish in early October rains?


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Salmon typically start showing up in the lower tide water portion of the tribs in September which are mostly only accessible by boat. Each rain big enough to raise the levels as well as the larger tides will bring in more fish and these big rain dumps that blow out the rivers to unfishable levels will typically have the fish traps full. Be ready to fish them when they drop after this weekends deluge. The first big rain and then drop of the fall usually produces the most crowded combat fishing. I think I'll go crabbing.


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DrTheopolis;n599552 said:
Truly a Bring-Your-Own-Rock fishery after the first big rain.
Ha ha!

So the drop I fished in this report was actually following a small bump (rise in the river) a few days after the first big bump of the season. I heard that the narrow window between those bumps was good (I think it was a Saturday?). I've noticed that the coastal rivers I fish fish way better if it's just one solid bump rather than a series of ups and downs due to multiple storms in a week. Could be wrong about that, but I'm definitely hesitant to make the long drive to Tillamook this week (take a look at the Wilson level gauge, looks like the cardiogram of someone on crack).

Because of work and stuff I have not been able to catch a big isolated bump since the first rains of last Fall and have subsequently largely struck out during that time (in terms of Fall fishing).