Wilson report


I am working on the wilson again for a few days (my job kicks ass sometimes) and I headed straight to the middle area of the river when I got off today.
The river looked great today, nice green color and much more fishable than the last week.
I was looking for sea run cuts with my 5 wt fly rod and hooked into these two pretty quickly. 14" and 16"
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I saw some really dark chinooks in the same pool I caught these two in swimming around and attempting to jump a small falls where a creek enters the river. pretty cool to see them jump all the way out of the water like that.
I headed to the next pool downstream and after a bit felt a tug, set the hook and my poor little rod doubles over!!
After a couple minutes and a couple drag ripping runs I work the fish in close enough to see it is definitely a salmon of some sort.
a few minutes later I finally tire it out a little and get it in close to the bank, the whole time thinking I've got a a 3x (8lb) leader size 8 hook and 5 wt rod, which is going to break first? Luckily there was about 20' of calm water between me and the main current which I was able to keep the fish in or else I wouldn't have had a chance. Get it close enough to see that its a native, and I believe a coho (mouth did not look black, fair amount of scale loss and wouldn't stop doing barrel rolls) So I snapped this crappy picture, grabbed the hook popped it out and away it went.
This is officially the first sea run salmon I have caught (Used to catch landlocked atlantic salmon in maine when I was a kid) and I wasn't even expecting it!!
I would estimate it at about 30" because when I first got it in I considered trying to scoop it with my trout net but it wouldn't even fit halfway in (the net has a 16" frame) and I quickly abandoned that idea
After that I fished one more pool and caught this 13" rainbow right as dusk set in.

I packed up, headed into Tillamook for the night and picked up these as a celebration of a good two hours on the water!!



Yeah fishing for trout in a river full of salmon, is going to end up with a salmon once in awhile. Thanks for posting and if you do not mind me asking what type of fly did you have on for the salmon. Been thinking of going to the fly side for salmon once I can be consistant with gear.


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Nice! Thanks for the report. Stopped by the Wilson last weekend and it was pretty much blown out and every pullout up to Kansas Creek Rd. had multiple vehicles parked so abandoned that as I hate elbow to elbow combat fishing. I enjoy getting surprised by a different fish than what I am targeting. I did the opposite a few weeks ago. Fishing for Coho and hooked a large sea run cut (my first). Impressive acrobatic show! I'm ready to catch a few more now...at least until winter steelhead time!


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Great report Mutiny. I am sure that coho put a serious bend in the 5wt. What type of work are you doing along the Wilson?


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Great report Mutiny. I am sure that coho put a serious bend in the 5wt. What type of work are you doing along the Wilson?
Part of the Line Work perhaps that I think Michels is running all along 6? My buddy wanted to get on that crew ( lineman ) but is stuck in Washington for now.


I've been putting in new windows at a house in the narrows. I put in a hardwood floor this spring during that gap between winter steel and trout season.
Got Skunked tonight except for a couple of small rainbows. Water is up a bit again and only about 2' visibility. Mostly just scouted a couple new spots.


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Water color went pretty bad through the course of today. Oddly enough, the Trask didn't get nearly as OFF-colored. Started the morning on the Wilson, but since me and my buddy couldn't keep the coho OFF our hooks, shot over to the Trask, which is quite full of boot Chinook.


River was looking much better today than the last couple.
Stopped for half an hour on the way home to portland and caught this chunky guy