Wilson 9/24


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I know it's way too early, but couldn't resist checking out the river after the rain. Stopped off at Mill Creek for a few hours from about 12-3 today. Counted about a dozen fish zipping up over the little rapids toward the end of the gravel bar. Most were really dark, looked like they'd been in the river for a while. Couple of bright red coho swimming around. Saw one fairly bright nook. Threw everything I had, but they weren't interested in anything. Oh well, went out with low expectations, saw some fish, and spent a really nice afternoon on the water. Not bad!


I checked out mills bridge and Sollie smith a couple weeks back. Mills bridge had what I can only consider to be springers left over from the spring run dark as night and willing to try to spawn with anything. I did notice a lot of fileted carcases when I was out at Mills along with the darkies, even got to see 2 pair up for spawning and a stack of dead fish just sitting at the ramp of Sollie Smith had to be 6-10 of them. Makes me kinda worried on whats going on in the river.