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@bass :

@bass thanks to all your "tutorials" over the last few weeks yesterday was a good one for me on the Willy, not so much for Ben and his buddy Chris. We didn't start fishing at the mouth of the Tualatin, we moved up river till we found a couple of humps and started throwing plugs with no success. so I went to a wacky worm and first cast caught a nice 2lb'er. They continued throwing chatter baits..I kept catching fish so they so turned to me and ask if I had more wacky worms. Sure! By the time they had rigged up the bite slowed so we moved up river and found another hump. There was a nice drop OFF on both sides so I let them fish the bank side while I threw out to the river side, first cast another fish. Soon they turned and started fishing the river side so I threw to the bank side........another fish.

The bite got slow again and there weren't any boats on the East bank so we headed over there to where we had caught fish last week. They still hadn't caught a fish and I was starting to feel bad for them, Chris said no problem atlest I know there are fish here. When we got to the East bank first cast I caught another nice fish. Finally Chris landed a fish, and then Ben picked one up. I continued to catch fish and was starting to worry I might not make it back to the dock. Or worse yet they wouldn't go fishing with me again.

They caught 2 fish each I quit counting at about 20. Chris I think was fairly new to fishing, but never complained and ask where we were going next week, good for him! Told him maybe we would go to Rogers and up the the mouth of the Yamhill, I've heard it can be good there.
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Right on Dana glad you got to get out there and hook some. Bass fishing can be fun as hell, and the way the steelhead and salmon runs are going I might be doing a lot more of it. Hope we can get together soon! The wife and I are going camping again this weekend, she loves the trailer. Thanks again brother!


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Ha, knew you'r wife liked to camp, more fun when you have someone to go with. You heard Rosemary? Something about disaster, broken bones and such. She's no camping queen.


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Good job whackin' em and stackin' em @EOBOY !

Glad to hear you were able to get the others on fish as well.

I want to try fishing way upriver one of these days, maybe launch Buena Vista or something and pedal up the Luckiamute and the Santiam. I have never been on that part of the river and it would be fun to explore some new water. I assume those fish see very little pressure.
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