Willamette Zone steelhead this weekend

I am new to the steelhead fishing and would like to get some practice in this weekend. I have a spinning rod and will be bank fishing. Any tips on spots to go and type of setup? Thanks everyone
[h=4]Me too. I'm with FisnNCoors in that I want to catch a Steelhead soon, don't have a boat but have gear and a license. I'm an old mellow dude. Spiritual but enjoys a good beer or whiskey. Any tips appreciated.[/h]


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FishNCoors there have been MANY entire books written on how to catch, the infamous Winter Steelhead. One of the very best is "Spinner Fishing for Steelhead, Salmon, and Trout", by Jed Davis. If you can find a copy, grab it! And I always suggest getting a copy of Maddy Diness's book, "Fishing in Oregon". Another really good book is "Spoon Fishing for Steelhead", by Bill Herzog. IMO you can cover a lot more water with spoons, than most other methods. Although don't discount spinners, bobber & jig, and drifting.

The other thing that you can do is to scour the archives here on OFF. Just use the search engine and type in the name of the stream, that you want to fish. Then read what others have done, to catch more steel.

BTW, it's VERY early for the Winter Steelhead runs to begin. They follow the Fall Chinook upstream each year. But there hasn't been enough rain to bring the fish up yet. So a good bet, for now, would the mouths of the Sandy, Clackamas, Hood, and so on.
Satchel im with you sir! Beer and whiskey. It’s a race to see which one of us catches our first!
Raincatcher thank you for the map!
troutdude thank you for all the advice. I actually purchased Jed davis’s Book last week and it came in the mail yesterday so I have been reading that!! Good stuff! Thanks everyone. OFF is very helpful


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You're very welcome. Jed's book is da bomb! As is Maddy's! Which gives you the dope...er...umm...scoop about where, and how to fish each water body. Got my first copy, of Jed's, in the mid 80's. Likely been combing Maddy's books since that same time period. She's now working on Edition 12.

BTW...don't forget to check the regs, before venturing out. Good luck and tight lines.