Wickiup Reservoir

Howdy peeps, I’ve got a weekend trip planned for Wickiup Reservoir this month.
Who’s got good experience there?
What lures did well?
I’m also planning to go to crane prairie so any tips about that to would be great.
Small jerkbaits do really well, if you want to catch a big brown the spillway right below wickiup is a great spot to try.
How's the water level?

The only thing they would eat further up the streams was a freelined threaded worm, at dusk and dawn. Didn't try flies but the water was so low it was like fishing an infinity pool
I would recommend a f13 rapala in rainbow trout or minnow pattern I have caught some nice browns at wickiup on this setup you tie these directly to the mainline with a loop knot and flatline them about 100 feet or farther behind your boat good luck
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