Wickiup 8/10/18


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Made it back to wick on a hot 95 degree day to see if its possible to launch at these levels.
Was surprised to see boats launching off the beach with no problem. Launched in 2wd and headed out. Lots of small koks in the 10-14 inch range but the main reason for being there was shore scavenging.
The labs love running the shore line and its a kick to find a stump with dodgers hanging off it like Xmas ornaments,
Water is 75 degrees and the channel is 30-40 ft. The real treat was a brown rolled 5ft from the boat late in the day and was at least 30 inches, the biggest brown I've ever seen and what a beautiful fish.
The hot spot for koks right now is Paulina and East Lake and stopped by Odell to clean water but those I talked to reported slow fishing.

Have fun and God Bless