Why are salmon numbers poor?


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Saw some videos on youtube saying that 300 tons of active nuclear waste in water is being dumped into the Pacific ocean every day at Fukushima. They said this is the cause of salmon decline, is that true?
Does anybody have a guess why they are doing poorly?
There are several factors that play into why our runs are so low. The fish returning this year were outmigrating in 2015 in severe drought conditions so there was without a doubt considerable freshwater smolt mortalities. Couple that with an El Niño where water temps were higher and there was no food for them out there and we have a recipe for low survival rates. On top of that commercial fisherman in Alaska have become very good at intercepting Oregon, Washington, and B.C. Salmon. Commercial fisherman in Alaska have been allotted the lions share of northwest salmon under the Pacific Salmon Treaty. Of the chinook caught in SE Alaska 85% of the salmon were not from Alaska. This is all data that can be researched, unless the PST is changed we will never have our salmon runs back again. We will never see 50-60 lb Tillamook kings again if they cannot survive the 5-6 years it takes for them to get that big.