Who's going? Anybody gone yet?


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I got a favorable report from a friend who did well longlining recently so I guess it's time to give it a shot. Anybody been out yet? I got all my kokanee junk out and sharpened the hooks.



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This has historically been the month to flatline / longline, at Green Peter. With a mixture of 'bows and kokes. So I'd say give it a whirl.


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Lots of good reports coming from Green Peter. Fish being caught 20ft down to 50ft (I was surprised by that also). I'm assume there will be some up higher for the taking also. Keep the offering small and you will be fine. Detroit is also producing fish but like normal they are bigger but not nearly as plentiful as at Green Peter. March 6th was my last trip there and we took home 37 and let about a dozen smaller ones go.