Where to shad fish the Umpqua 2018?

I was wondering wheres a good place too shad fish on the umpqua? Somewhere with reasonable access and that wouldn't be mobbed
Ive always wanted to try shad fishing but never got around to it so this is the year.. I also have boats but would prefer to bank it. Just tryn to get a idea before the run hits where I could try. Also what would be a ideal time to hit the shad run? I've always heard starts slow in may, is insane through June and slows around July? This true? Been having a blast catching nice cutthroat on my property just wanna catch something else hah thanks guys I apreciate it


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Your timeline is pretty accurate from what I have seen so far. The whole river is pretty good for them. Just find yourself an eddy or a chunk of slow water right before and after a set of rapids. Unfortunately wherever the fish seem to be, there are also people trying to catch them. Yellow Creek to Tyee is a pretty popular stretch for them.
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