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After asking many questions and reading years of posts I think I am almost ready for my first trip. I will buy some jigs, spinners, and pink worms and am looking to head out on Friday or Saturday, or maybe both :). I just have one more question and then I will stop bothering for a while. What stream/river should I target this weekend. I am not too experienced with how river flow affects fishing but want to learn. Am not looking for the exact spot because I do like exploring, but a river name would help. I live in Portland and am willing drive 1.5 hours. If someone says the Wilson can you give me a hint on a spot (eg. mile marker 10-20). The only reason I ask this is that I have fished the Wilson a lot and the closer I am to the coast the steeper the path is to the bank and I can't climb down. Please feel free to PM me.


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You should be looking at these graphs and then make note of conditions when you have gone for future reference. After a rain the flow spikes and then gradually drops. You should try to fish when has dropped or is dropping and not when it is rising rapidly. Should be good this weekend.

At this time of the year river fishing will be a 'crxp shoot;' runs are over so just late returns. Fish as far up river as you can.
fredaevans I thought that Wilson had a late run. When you say fish fat upriver, does that mean farther away from the coast? If so can you give me an approximate mile marker range? Not asking for the mile marker of your honey hole, but maybe something like mike markers 10-15 or 20-25. Thanks for the help


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Any places I can go and stay a night? Maybe set up a tent and have a campfire? Clackamas? Oxbow?

On the Clack, Mciver and Barton parks have campgrounds

On the Sandy, Oxbow and Dodge parks have campgrounds
[USER][/USER]hanks. I fished mile markers 28 and down and did not have any luck. Did some exploring and found some really nice water that looked like it would produce.
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