Where to fish in Seaside?

Hi Wonderful Fishermen & Fisherwomen! I'm in Seaside for a week through August 15. Where should I fish? I'd love to catch salmon, or trout, or really anything. I have my Okuma travel rod, with a reel for freshwater with 6 pound test, and a reel with 30 pound braid that I can put a leader on and catch big freshwater fish or saltwater salmon if they aren't too huge. I have a lot of different kinds of lures, stickbaits, Kastmasters, spinners, trout jigs, grasshoppers, rubber worms and real nightcrawlers.

I'd be grateful to anyone who can suggest some places to try, and what to use. Thank you!
O. mykiss
Try fishing the surf at a place the my call the cove in seaside for surf perch. Use a high-low rig with 2-3oz pyramid sinkers. For bait: clam necks, sand shrimp(wrapped with magic thread), or berkley gulp sand worms in the camp color. Fish 2-3 hours before high tide through high tide and an hour or so into the outgoing tide. Keep moving until you find the fish. Do t spend more than a minute in a spot if you don’t get bit. Good luck!
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Here's a lot of information, from my friend's web site:


And here's the latest Recreation Report from ODFW:


You're too early for Fall Chinook. Personally I would target Bluebacks (sea run cutthroat, mentioned in the rec report above). Hot pink rooster tails work well, as do Brown Rooster tails (which mimic crawdads that they feast on once in fresh water).

Good luck and tight lines.

Let us know how you do.
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