Where they at though?


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I hear Oregon is one of the best fishing places to live but it seems like if you live in Portland you have to time it with restocking. I use to fish all over Washington and caught all kinds of species. 5 years ago I caught my last fish which was my first ever Steel Head. I’m trying to get back in to it and never fished Oregon but so far the 2days I spent at Hagg Lake I didn’t even get a nibble, nor did the 20 other fishermen that was there. I’ve worked my way up and down the Tualatin River multiple times this week and nothing. So I tried progress lake and nothing so far. Going back tonight to try again because one fisherman said around 6 they start being active again trying to keep warm and fatten up for winter, but every fisherman I have talked to claims each of these spots are the best. I don’t care about the species I just want to remember what it’s like to have a fish on the end of my line. I have done lots of research on the right tackle and bait and I talked to a guy who pointed out this Forum but also told me most of the lakes and ponds near Portland are over fished due to people like the multiple people he has found over fishing right after being restocked. One couple he was telling me about came 3 days after restock, caught about 30 trout took it all home, even the small ones, and when he came back the next day they were leaving with another bucket full. So is there any good fishing near Portland this time of the year or do I have to figure out a day when I can drive a couple hours away from the city? Also I don’t own a boat and I have just a regular fishing license until 2019.
Trout follow the stocking schedule unless you want to go for wilds in which case I'd explore the coastal rivers and the mountain rivers and lakes. If you just want to catch something pretty close to home I'd just got to the Willamette River and throw a worm out there on the bottom. I've caught bass, perch, various panfish, sturgeon, peamouth, pike minnow, catfish (both channels and bullheads) river sculpin, starry flounder, and carp on them. When I'm fishing out on the Willamette and having a hard time and just want the skunk off I just toss a worm and within 5-10 minutes I'll usually be getting bit. For Progress Lake I'd throw worms on the bottom about 15-25ft off the bank in the afternoon evening and you should get some action from the brown bullheads in there. There's also a map that has some spots to try if you're looking for where exactly to go.


If you have a specific fish in mind feel free to shoot me a PM I've done almost every type of fishing you can do in this area and I do everything from the bank. Good luck out there :D


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There are fish in Progress Pond, that is true.

I would say, however, that anyone sending you there as a hot spot is....giving you the brush-OFF.

If you just have to get a stocked fish on your line, St Louis Ponds gives a better experience. Like any stocked population, it drops OFF sharply every week after stocking.

There are many streams that you can now c/r trout year round - something I avoid as you inevitably come up with bleeders and it is just a waste. If you must, pinch down the barbs so you can release more quickly.
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