What what!!!

So i've been fishing for this years Coho run for around a month now. Probably spend 24 actual hours fishing for them and nothing. Mostly at the mouth of the Sandy and Clackamas.

Well yesterday I stumbled onto a hole. Seen a ton jumping, so I tried eggs. Nothing was hitting at all. So I went to the trusty blue fox spinner and 3 cast in, wham! Fish on. 15lb native coho. Then 10 mins later another wham. This time I get my first 2010 Coho. He was 13lbs and a nice fight as well.

Here's the pics.
Mods can someone move this to the Salmon Forum section. Thanks.
Congratulations! Awesome looking fish!
good job nice fish.
Troutier Bassier
Is that a creek above bonnieville dam??
nice fish btw! :D
Nice! 24 hours well invested.
You say it like 24 hours is a lot of time to have invested. Good job out there.
Good Job! Nice Looking fish!
Yeah... I guess your right in the grand scheme of things about 24 hours. On the other hand I just started fishing the bank for salmon/steelhead. I did however fish a lot from boats for salmon. . I grew up fishing for everything. Ocean, lake, river, stream etc. But never for salmon.... So I am pretty stoked to find out what I am doing is the right thing, I just need to find where the fish are.

Good Luck out there everyone!
Nice job dude. And welcome to OFF.

(Mods, why are all 3 of Jerry's posts counted as his 6th post? Shouldn't this thread begin w/ 6 and then 7 and 8?)
Nice job! I like your waders haha. Frog Togs?
Coho Kid
Nice buck! I had the same problem transferring all my boat experience to the bank when my Dad stopped fishing about 15 years ago. Bank fishing is a whole different animal, but I'm sure you'll get the hang of it quickly. The most fun for me is tracking the migration patterns of these fish. Once you get the hang of when and where they are catch rates get better. 24 hours isn't bad though, I think I had about 30 hours after catching my first until I got the next 3.
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