What to do??????

debating... either finish up fishing at green peter res for kokes, (there starting to turn red) or just give on that idea an hit the tide water areas near florence/reedsport? any ideas?????
Duh, tidewater. ;)
Yeah bro tidewater. A bunch of little salmon (lots of meticulous cleaning for a small payday) or a big salmon or 2 and maybe even some jacks (easy cleaning for a big payday)? I don't know but some some ocean fresh fish sure does sound better to me.
rippin fish lips
Reedsport!!! winchester bay!! We killed it yesterday morning with strike zone charters!! we all limted out (3 of us). I got 2 10ilb cohos, and my buddy got two 20 lb nooks, the other gut a 24# and a 30# nook and a jack. My buddy lost a 50#er.
Definitely tidewater!!!
Head west............

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