What knot

What is the best knot to use for tying on swivels and such
X2 double clinch. i have a book that shows all the good knots and how much line strenght they retiain. double clinch is way better than the original knot we all learned(clinch).
double clinch...holds on big fish and is easy to tie
Charlie, did you get your weight set up? I'd love to see a pic, if you did.
Man, it took me a second to get a feel for that fish n fool, but that is a dope knot. I like the way it stacks with about eight times through the loop.
It is a sweet knot. I didn't break off a single steelhead last winter and all I used was 6lb floro.
Swamp Puppy
i use the double improved cinch for lighter lb test /smaller diameter lines. through the eye twice, 5-6 wraps, then through the bottom loop and back through the side loop.

for larger lb test mono that doesn't seem to want to cinch well, i use the palomar knot.
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