What kind of fishing in Estacada?


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In a week, I'm moving to Estacada and I'm wondering what kind of fishing there is to do there? I see a few unmarked ponds and lakes on google that "maybe" have warm water fiah active during the summer. I know I could just read the regulations book on the legalities of trout and salmon fishing around The Clackamas River, but asking yall seems an easier start. I am very interested in catching my first hatchery salmon, in which I haven't hooked one since I was young. Any information would be helpful, and I am more than willing to exchange for good fishing information to another. Please and thank you.

Tight lines.


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For rainbows and browns, take a drive up to Lake Harriet. Fish the Oak Grove Fork of the Clack, where it enters the lake. The stream is open through October 31st.


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i Would definitely recommend getting really familiar with the regulations while there is a lot of knowledge on this forum it is important for you to know the regulations here the game warden doesn’t usually go for “well the guys on the internet said” and they change periodically sometimes quite frequently so it’s just good in general to keep an eye on em. As for your question they’re are a few stocked trout areas around Estacada if that’s what your looking for north fork reservoir and Estacada lake are decently stocked throughout the season and as was mentioned above the oak grove fork is a good place as well. Good luck and tight lines
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