What I get for opening my mouth

So Monday I decided to have a talk with my boss cents I had been working there a year and not progressed much at all. I asked him if they were ever going to take me off my job I was on and put me on a new one so I could learn some things. I am only 22 years old and don't have any real trade I know real well. It started to be painting bu t after a year on the job I was at I couldn't learn to much more. Really made it hard to learn anything when at my job site I had the most experiance. He told me I was pretty much stuck they liked what I was doing where I was and he didn't know if they would ever take me off there... So I told him I was going to need to start looking for something els so I could learn some more get more experiance under my belt. I was kinda upset because my boss kinda took me under his wing and I thought he was going to show me more so he told me not to worry he understands 100% and we would talk in person when he comes out. I wanted to let him know wouldn't even start looking till next year because holidays. And see if I could use him as a referance because he is the only boss I have ever painted or done construcion work for.... Not 15 min went by when another boss called and told me that it she wanted me to pack my stuff and go because I wasn't happy there and she wasn't happy with me anyway.. Her reason behind that long story short she changes things all the time and made changes last Friday and I messed up Monday and did it like I had for last year and it wasn't
anything big one 2sec phone call could of fixed it...

So I'm kinda lost like 20 days befor xmass too. Think I might go back to school and become more than a high school drop out teen dad!
we do what we do tom,not cause of choice so much as it is a necessity,,,hell im in the garage door industry and have been for 12 years,i barely made it through high school so myself i am lucky to have a job..going back to school would be great man theres nothing better then having more options.
if I could offer some life advice.. from expirence,........ play your cards close to your chest-
I dropped out of high school in my freshman year, got my GED when I was 16 and started making babies at 19. Somehow I've managed to pull it together (kinda) and have a decent job in an industry I love, making a decent wage.

My point... those things while they helped shape me, did not dictate how I was going to end up.

Get your GED and get into a trade school. Just choose carefully, look at industry trends and where the biggest layoffs happened in this last downturn. It will help you determine what fields tend to withstand a recession best.

Good luck Tom.
Take a look at some of the technical programs at community colleges. Usually only takes a year or two and you should have a decent paying job when your done. Good luck in your decision.
halibuthitman said:
if I could offer some life advice.. from expirence,........ play your cards close to your chest-

well put
halibuthitman said:
if I could offer some life advice.. from expirence,........ play your cards close to your chest-

Agreed. If you're not happy, by all means look for something else. But, don't tell your employer and when you do leave, don't burn bridges because you never know when you'll be engaged with those same people later on in life.
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ChezJfrey said:
Agreed. If you're not happy, by all means look for something else. But, don't tell your employer and when you do leave, don't burn bridges because you never know when you'll be engaged with those same people later on in life.

well put too.
YB, that sucks, as mentioned above not tipping your hand gives you options. It's a sad but true reality invading more and more work places. A lot of doing more with Les, (can't say I like Les that much myself)

Next spring, if you haven't settled into something, I can give you a shot at a new trade, that will test your metal and open up a lot of new opportunities.

When one door closes another opens
Don't forget that federal law requires them to have your last check ready for you within 24 hours. That's a pretty crummy way to handle business, but the construction field is that way most of the time. I think school is a great idea. The internet can help with the most in demand careers. Good luck.
Sorry to here that Man the timing stinks! I have a degree in Business and 10 yrs of Construction/ Production Management Exp. I cannot find a job for the life of me. Everyone tells me I am overqualified and they hire recent College Grads or Interns. Research before you decide your Career or Schooling choice. Good luck and I hope it all works out for you.
Sorry, man that sucks! Merry frickin' Xmas right. Anything I can do to help, if you want to barrow some equipment to do side jobs, or if I can give you some instruction on construction let me know, or if you need fish to eat or firewood to keep warm.
There's lots of great advice above.

Plus, ask yourself what you can learn from what happened? Is there anything that you could have done differently (or not done)? And, being nice / cordial to them may not be easy; but you'll be able to hold your head high if you do. And they will remember that too.

I'd also encourage you, to ask for a WRITTEN letter of recommendation. If you haven't picked up your final check, you could ask them to have that letter ready for you w / your check. If you choose not to do that; you may NEVER get a recommendation at all. When most employers call references, the other company typically will NOT do anything more than verify your dates of employment. They usually will NOT say anything further...good, bad, or indifferent. So, get it in WRITING if at all possible.

Another idea, is to visit a couple of different career counselor's. It's usually free at Community College's. They can help you with -- among other things -- finding a GROWING career field (and not choose a career with no current openings).

And finally, if you or your family need some help...I'd suggest calling your local United Way. They are in the business of helping peeps when they need it. They can also refer you to other agencies that can help.

Stay focused, and do things that you enjoy too (while looking for work, exploring college, etc). It will help you stay positive.
Sorry to hear about that man, good luck with school!
Troutdude has made some good points. You can go to PPC and get tested for aptitude ( what you would be good at ) and that may help with your decision. I had to change careers late in life and even thought I knew it was coming it took me ten years to figure out what I could do and enjoy at the same time. I know that by looking at the industries that have the oldest workers you will find jobs that need new workers. Just don't fall for the little old shoemaker gig. I found my niche as a dental lab tech. The average age of techs in Oregon is something like 62! They need new people all the time and good workers are taken care of. Lucky for me they have that program at PCC. I didn't have to move to take the classes. You could probably get your GED at the same time.

Just a thought to add to the rest,

Thanks for all the input guys reason why I gave them the heads up was they are the only company I have painted for and lot of people want check and make sure you can do what u say... One of my bosses is someone I call a friend his partner aka The ***** is the one who got all butt hurt. He told me make sure and put down his number for everything... She does books hireing and fireing so like he said not much he could say. And I plan on looking into stuff really good befor I jump into anything. I am really into cars so been thinking of taking that road to!!
Thats sucks tom. If I still lived in troutdale i would give her a good xmas present on your behalf. You should look into unemployment right away to help supplement your income until you figure out what you are going to do. I got it for 23 months and if obama gets his way i can get it for another 13 if needed. You may get a hard time trying to get it but in the end you will get it even if you have to make an apeal. Also if you decide to go to school and you are on unemployment you can sign up for TUI and then you aren't required to look for work just to be satisfactorily completing and attending school. and you can ride all the exstentions to the end. also there is another 26 week exstension that i don't qualify for after all the 23 months of benifits and exstentions are up if you are on TUI. plus obama has your back and is trying to extend unemployment and make sure everyone has a chance to get it while the nation is in high unemployment. might make for a goood supplement to finacial aid and could be the difference between needed to take out student loans or not. as far as cars go if you are thinking mechanic you should skip cars aand get into diesel. more money in that field. Good luck man. Me and my fiance have decided to skip xmas with me being jobless and her struggling to pay for school while looking for a part time job. try to have a good holiday and alos now you have more time to catch fish.
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If you are interested in construction, I would contact/visit your local union office and talk to them about an apprenticeship program. It may cost you to get in the union, but situations like the one you describe would never happen to you again. Plus, you get training and benefits. And, a damn good wage. And, you get to work on some of the highest profile projects. Check it out, it might be just what you are looking for. There is no guarantee that you will always have work, but you stand a better chance than most because their is always someone working to secure work for you.
DY, would you really recommend that he pursues construction (union or not)? I can't begin to tell you how many construction peeps (general's and sub's) are NOT working right now. And it will not pick up anytime soon. I've had friends who have moved to other states, just to TRY and find construction work (and one was a Project Manager for both a Residential & a Commercial General Contractor (i.e. he can "do it all" an could not find work).

When a company like Keith Brown Lumber (who sold direct to contractors) shuts down all 25 stores and no longer exists in 3 states along the pacific--that there isn't much work at all! I work in the mid Willy valley, and I see sub contractors coming from Eastern Oregon and Washington to find work here all of the time.
construction would be the last place i would look for a job,,nobodys building jack other then government projects.if i were you i would stay in the private sector,unions are worthless
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