What did this?

This is on the back of my full size bronco. I haven't the faintest idea what made it, I will admit my wife takes it out just about every day to give our furry kid a ride and get her diet coke. I have measured my hand which takes an xl glove at 4 inches across the palm. This print measures 6 inches and yes it has 5 didgets. I could not find any marks where anything has slide. To the left of it there is another one that measures only 3 inches which could be a young person but to this day I have not found anybody that measures 6 inches across the palm. Any ideas



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is that your bumper?
did it wash off
did it stain
back-off the pic so we can see what it is you are actually photographing.

but I agree with above - sasquatch.
It is on the back of a full size 92 Ford Bronco where the glass slides down into the rear hatch. The partial word on the right hand side is on the window itself
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