What a day!!

Went out this morning to my not so secret spot. Got there at 6:00 some one already in my spot:(
Friendly guy asked if i wanted to fish next to him, small slot so I respectfully said no I'm going to the next one. Not even 5 min there bam swing and a miss I got checked hard . Then dead nothing for 4 hours I stuck in fished hard and it payed off .Left the river at 12:30 right before the rain came . And this one came on your eggs Kodiak so don't let your brother tell u they don't work.I NEED MORE EGGS is that possible

I did the whole speel for some reason wont let me click
Nice fish! That was nice of dude that beat ya.
Nice fish and you made it out before the rain!
Nice one!
Thanks guys the fish looked beautiful chrome bright i was stoked till i cut her 6 inch of the tale was white'is not pretty i don't get it??? can some one explain
crusty old fisherman
a certain percentage of springers come back with white meat they taste fine and there are some people that can't wait to get into one of them... also sittin in high muddy water will make them turn white.

the ones that come back with white meat are termed ivory kings from what i remember. the the local fish monger here has several people that will buy every single one of them he comes across

nice fish man, way to go
:DSweet story and nice looking fish!!!! :)Persistence always pays off one way or another:clap: It's nice to know people are willing to share small slots to fish with, but even nicer to know people passing it up to let the "other" people enjoy "your" hole......A true sportsman!!!!!!!
The Tightest Line
Jealous dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Johnny Southpaw
Nice fish! Interesting about some of the meat being white-I have no idea about that one. Good job!
Thats what i thought red for sure but it wasent so whatever on to the next one!!
I have never heard of a white Springer. I have caught several fall fish that cut white. I heard the rumor was that these fish were fish that escaped from farmed fish pens offshore. IDK if thats true but i do know the Alsea has them and the late Kilches fish are white even when chrome bright. I know because i caught one had an old timer tell me it would cut white. I sliced the tail after it was already tagged , sure as S#$% he was right. I asked the guy fishing below me if he wanted my fish he said sure man thanks :) LOL
In Alaska, "white kings" are prized by the people i've fished with, though the commercial guys don't like them because they don't sell as well (strange color meat for a salmon). Never heard of them down here though. I think they're supposed to taste the same, but they are rare. As far as I know, all of the meat should be white, not just the tail.
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