Wet weather impeded effort, Bonneville and The Dalles Pool close for sturgeon

North Coast Fishing Report – Most of the larger river systems have been a bit too high to productively fish. The Wilson, Trask and Nestucca and certainly the mainstem Nehalem remain too high to pursue steelhead. Smaller streams however, are in ideal shape.

Brad Baker with a 14-pound plug-caught buck from the Wilson on December 29th

The Necanicum seems to be the north coast darling, with good catches coming from all reaches of the river. It’s been a bit crowded however, so be prepared to greet your fishing buddies down there.

The North Fork Nehalem has been underwhelming so far, and we’re in peak season for this system and other early season favorites. Big and Gnat Creek are in full blossom, with fair catches this year compared to previous seasons. Don’t overlook the Klaskanine either, it produces fair catches this time of year.

Three Rivers on the Nestucca has been fair-at-best with most people concentrating their efforts near the hatchery this late into the run.

The Alsea and Siletz have been high for much of the week. It’s still early for the Siletz, but the Alsea has early returning fish in full bloom right now, mostly congregating at the hatchery facility itself. Bank anglers are taking the most advantage of their fast migration right now.

The ocean has been rough all winter season with no likelihood of that changing anytime soon. Even the commercial crabbers aren’t anxious to get on out there under these conditions.

Tides and weather won’t make for productive lower Columbia River crabbing this weekend. It’ll be best to find something else safer to do with your time.
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