Warning VERY graphic not for the sensitive

I repeat this is not for the faint of heart or sensitive. The following two pictures are graphic

Well Friday and Saturday I was volunteering at Cottage Grove Speedway to help out in parking for the Monster X tour. Towards the end of my day on saturday a few things happened. All in all it involved me going to the ER for 10 staples. This is my left foot and will make me use crutches for a week or two. Hope this all goes smoothly :-| no pain meds YET
Not good. Prime time too fish right now.
Ouch hope all heals well bro. It should do fine those staples appear to be good quality Gamakatsu or possibly owner. Lol keep your spirits up good luck.
oh i am keeping my spirits up... kept acting bummed out with the nurses cause i wasn't going to be there long enough for a sponge bath:lol: However it could have been much worse, could have tore tendons and broke a few bones, if it had been any sooner it could have been more of my leg as well. It now is finally hurting a little bit more since it happened around 7-7:30 pm I am trying ice before vicodine. I have something personal against medical but it would be a last resort. Thanks for the thoughts and trout catcher... prime time all the time. thats all i got to say
Ouch! Hope it heals up quick.
I understand about pills as the last resort. but if you want some advice pain pills only work before the pain sets in. If you wait until your in pain and can't stand it your vics wont do ya much good.
That looks really painful! But don't worry, you'll be back on the water in no time!
Hey bro, we would've believed you; if you had said that your accident happened while attempting to land a 30 pound springer! It's a shame that you slipped and fell and the fish got away.

But seriously folks...hope you heal up quickly and get back out there chasing fish. And glad to see that there wasn't more damage to your leg.
Oh,OUCH! How on earth did you do that in a parking lot?! Gotta agree with kirkster about the pain pills,it is best to stay ahead of the pain. But,hey, you're all growed up and it's your pain...just don't come to us crying about your boo-boo...lol Seriously,I do wish you a speedy recovery and better sense of your surroundings in the future.
Ok, Why would you put a pic of Frankenstein's foot up there? They sell those things at Halloween stores. :lol: That has to suck bro. Hope you get back to the water soon.
autofisher said:
Ok, Why would you put a pic of Frankenstein's foot up there? They sell those things at Halloween stores. :lol: That has to suck bro. Hope you get back to the water soon.

LOL! I had thought about saying something about Frankenstein too.
First off... frankenstien feet... no one in my family knows where i got them LOL im only 5 ft 8 with size 13 shoe LOL. As far as how it happened I was directing traffic at the speedway sending the traffic to the fairgrounds into overflow parking. I had a vehicle in front of me stopped to do a drop off. I also had a truck and trailer leaving the fairgrounds from their event moving behind me. As the vehicle in front of me moved to do the drop off i took a step back and obviously didn't have the room and my left foot went into the tire of the trailer.

Again thank you for all of the good words. If any fishing happens soon it will be probably at JC pond sittin in a chair with bait LOL no flyfishin for me
Wow man thats a good one. I would be taking all the pills they give me. not sure how able bodied you are but maybe we could do some trolling in my boat.
Well i can use crutchs and hop like a kangaroo so......... yeah i can LOL only issue is no shoe for my left foot. dunno if i can find socks big enough either. If i had a truck id haul ya but i need steady work before i have a truck. I will mention i did get a little fishing in friday @ the track before work on the coast fork. got 1 cut and 1 clipped rainbow and missed 2-3 others in the matter of an 30-45 minutes out of one hole. I do have pictures but ill start them on another thread so people do not have to see the foot
wow, hope it heals up soon, good luck with it
looks very painful. Glad you are ok though!!!
Finneus Polebender
sucks dude get well quick !
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