Wall of pain

Nope may not be what you thought. This is more for those who have lower back pain and hopefully some encouragement.
I have been going through some major back pain that started several years ago and have been on some heavy pain meds. Two weeks ago, the 18 th of Sept. I had lower back surgery and they fused L 3-4 and it was a life changing thing for me. I was living on 30 mg of oxy and at one time was up to 40 mg and that was just to get by on as it did not kill the pain. Anyway two weeks have gone by and I am down to 15 mg of oxy for the whole day and I am working my way off it. The day after my surgery I was up and walking and I went home the day after the surgery, No they did not boot me out but asked if I wanted to go and I did.That Friday I walked about 130 ft un-assisted, three days later I did about 450 ft and two weeks after the surgery I did a walk of over 200 yds. half of it up hill. yes I had to take a short 1 min break at the top but I made it with out stopping and did the return trip home. I did use a walking staff to help me but I made it. The only pain I have is from where they did some cutting and pulling on my back muscles them selves. Last Saturday my wife and I went on a trip to the coast from Glide and ya I had to give up the driving just out side of Camas Valley as I was tired. Other than some pain when I stand to long, in my back muscles, I have no pain and my legs are functioning good again. Before the surgery I would partially loose the use of them and fell 4 times last April/May and I have taken some nasty falls. My point is, I know there are those of you out there who may be having similar problems and there is hope. It took me a total of 4 years to get my work done, which I am grateful for because when I was first scheduled the did not know about the sliding vertebrae. A snafu prevented the first surgery and then in May they found the real monster in my back and in Sept they fixed it. I will be 70 next year and I will be able to join my son and grandson on some walk style elk and deer hunting, something I have not been able to do for over 9 years now. I guess the thing I am saying or trying to say is don't give up, about 2 years ago I had a Dr tell me it, the surgery would not happen because they would never do another MRI, and I told her I would push it to the max and not give up and finally I got a new DR and within 6 months I am fixed..I now walk short distances without a staff and the only hard part is I am limited for 90 days or so in what I do and can lift nothing over 10 lbs. So for those of you who may be hurting, keep the faith and good luck to you. If you figure the pain I was in on a scale of 1 to 10 I often hit that 10 now I am less than a 1 almost all of the time. My work was done at the Portland VA and I had the best treatment up there I have ever had and I have been under the knife 10 times now. I was treated with respect by all, the Dr(s) and staff did a great job and the nurses were fantastic.



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I am glad to hear the back is better Charlie and your enjoying being able to do more. I was diagnosed with a rupture to L1 and 2 almost 3 years ago. The surgeon told me I was a definite candidate for surgery or I could wait it out and the back would heal itself in about 3 years. I opted to wait it out. I have learned to listen to what its telling me. When its starting to ache I start wrapping up the day. But I will say its MUCH better. I have been trimming hedges all week:). I was at a point that I could not stand in one place for more than 5 minutes before the back was on fire.


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That's probably the best non-fishing write up that, I've had the pleasure to read. I, too, know what excruciating pain is all about. So I'm very glad to see that, you are pretty much pain free now. Have fun with the boys; and I hope that you all tag out--and have a great Elk trip together!
Update, Did my 3 week check up and came out good and dropping off the pain killers till I hit a wall. It seems those pain killers I was on for so long were hiding another problem. Well I knew about it but did not think it bad. It seems the right hip MAY have to be replaced, I was able to cut the pain meds in half when it hit. Cannot sit in a chair (recliner) with out a heating pad and some extra pain stuff. At times it is off to bed to lay onmy side to get rid of the pain. So started that process last week to see what is wrong and how to fix it.
Then came the really tough stuff. I got my new toy book and found a coin bank for the new kid. Ya. My grandson and his girl-partner whatever they call them now gifted us with a nice great grand daughter on our 49th anniversary. I call her Silver cause she came in at about the same size as a nice Silver Salmon, yep had her mom's ok on that one. So I m going for the long tall guy and the short round one.


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