Variety calendar

Long story short, I am trying to convince my wife that we need a 18ft boat. One of my main selling points is that we will use it at least monthly to chase a wide variety of fish. As expected she wants more details. I am looking for any thoughts on what months to target specific species. Example, January/February - Bottom fish and crab at Coos bay, end of March/April- Kokanee at Odell lake, May - shad in Winchester bay, August/September - Salmon. I am based out of Eugene and would like to stay within 2 hours of here. Looking for any ideas people have.

Thanks in Advance
You have made your selling points already. At your age of 41 you already know that their will always be something to chase after every month. So go buy the boat, if she says no to the purchase ask here why. She will give you the DETAILS! Tony