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Was looking on the net for any info I could find on fishing in the Lincoln City area and I stumbled across your lovely forum here! I'm a member of a similar forum for the area where I live (British Columbia, Canada) and was hoping that there might be someone out there willing to help a "foreigner" out. I'm going to be in the area from about Aug.30th-Sept.4th and was hoping to get a little salt water action in. I'm not really sure of where to go or what to use, and as far as what I hope to catch, anything really would be great! I'm just in it for the fun and would be catching and releasing almost anything I catch anyways (depending how tastey it looks and how hungry i'm feeling!). I have never caught a salmon before and have only ever caught very small fish off of a pier the one time I have ever been "Ocean fishing". So as you can tell, I'm very much a newbie, hence the asking for any assistance anyone would be so kind as to offer. Any suggestions of a tackle shop or anything where I could get some info would be greatly appreciated as well! I hope to surprise my boyfriend on our trip with some time spent fishing and at least a tiny bit of knowledge on the subject ;) Also, yes, we will be getting the required licences and reading regulations before doing any actual fishing :)

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Hey, welcome.

I'm from Portland but I've done a couple of weekends in Lincoln City. There are not any tackle shops (that I know of) in Lincoln City, however, there are a couple in surrounding towns that are well worth a visit. Pop into Knights Tackle Box in Otis or the tackle shop in Hebo for tips on where to go/what to use. They'll know what's going on. I fished (without luck) on the beach/bay down by Moe's restaurant because our hotel was across the street. But the Siletz bay and river (that's where I would be) are a quick drive south and the Salmon river just a few minutes north.

Just south of Gleneden Beach is a place they call "Fisher's Rock". I've never been there, but the locals always tell me that's where to go for your perch, rock fish, lincod, etc.

You can keep an eye on the ODFW recreation report to see what's looking good: Recreation Report: Northwest Zone: Fishing - Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Welcome to the forum! have come to the right place for any questions you have prior to your arrival....unfortunately, I don't know too much about the Lincoln City area (not enough to give advice anyway) but there is a ton of fisher people here who love to help out. Good luck!!!!
(Ive now typed this 3 times I hate my computer:mad: ) Lincoln city is Great Im sure you will have a great time!:dance:
I personally love going to Newport to fish the ocean, its about 30 min south. At the Newport Marina you can get any bait you need and they can assist you in any kind of ocean adventure. You can fish on your own OFF of the jetty( be very carefull!) or they also OFFer charters. ( I recommend the bottom fishing, FUN!) Crabbing for Dungenous Crab OFF the pier in newprot is AWESOME inexpensive and easy. Gear can be rented from the marina for less then 10 bucks a day. Tillimook to the north has a great sporting good store with a MASSIVE fishing section! There is also an abundance of rivers flowing out of tillimook loaded with salmon and steelhead. However, Make SURE you get the regs checked out. Oregon is a Beautiful place, our aquatic opportunities are plentiful. I hope you have a great trip! PM me if you have any unanswered questions. There are also lakes an hour or so away (lost lake Hwy 26) with precious scenery and beautiful trout.
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Welcome to the forum. Glad you found us.

If you're inclined to try some trout fishing, many of the bays & tidewater areas should have some Blue Back (sea run cutthroats). Standard trolling techniques for trout will do fine (Ford Fender / worm, etc).

Salmon are now staging in the same areas, while they wait for cooler and wetter weather to push them upstream. You would likely do well, in Siltez Bay. It's just a bit south of L. City.

Perhaps contacting the Lincoln City Chamber of Commerce will help.

Welcome to Lincoln City!

Here is a down loadable link, for ODFW's 2010 Fishing Regulations. You will want to check reg's specifically for the Northwest Zone.

Plus, here is the latest ODFW Recreation Report for that zone (published last week):

And I'd highly suggest searching the archive files here on OFF.

Good luck, and enjoy your trip to our beautiful state.
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