Vacationing from Wales and would like to fish for trout


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I can't really afford a guide due to the cost of the holiday, so i am looking for advice on where I can purchase a fly rod, reel and line etc

i was hoping to purchase a permit/licence and find a spot close to Portland Suites Airport East, we will be there for 2 day's

also if anyone knows of where I can get a second hand G Loomis Streamdance please let me know

many thanks


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Welcome to Oregon and the forum! Unfortunately, I moved out of Portland too many years ago to know where to send you. I would suggest Googling sporting goods stores and pawn shops for gear. I wish you good luck and happy fishing!


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Welcome to Oregon. If you don't mind a bit of a drive, the Deschutes is a world-class stream. It's probably about 2-hours one-way, from Portland. The upper Clackamas River, is also a bit of a drive. But a decent river for waving a bug wand.

But maybe you'd rather chase coastal sea-run cutties (a.k.a. Bluebacks). Do not leave base camp, without first buying a handful of Borden Specials. They are this area's preeminent fly, for SRC's. And anything that imitates the brownish-orangish coloration of baby crawdads, is a also a good bet.

The Wilson River, is a good bet. The Nehalem and Nestucca too.The fish are now staging just above tidewater. Waiting for the weather to cool--and fall rains begin--for their upstream runs.