Vacation day two


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The back wasn't feeling like a 90 minute drive to the coast this morning so I headed back to Hagg. I launched at Ramp C again and headed straight to Scoggins arm. I was anchored up and flipping the bug wand by 7:00. By 8:00 I had lost count of the Gills that had succumbed to the rubber leg Prince nymph. They averaged 7"-8" and were a hoot on the 4wt. I fished that spot for 2 hours, then the bite died. I moved further into the cove, but couldn't score a hit. I moved back to where I started and nailed a few more. The lake was glass today which made for some daydreaming and missed takes. At one point I looked down to find a 20" yellow racer about to join me in the yak. After steering him back towards shore I decided to move out and find the hump in the channel and toss senkos. The bass weren't having any of it so I paddled my way back to the truck. With rain in the forecast for Thursday, my plan is to spend tomorrow back in the same spot.



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The hagg bass have been super hit-or-miss for me lately. Went out last week and got skunked, then went this last weekend and caught 6 decent sized ones in about 1.5 hrs - all spot fished along the shore. That water does look a lot nicer than when I was out there!
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