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Just researching for next summer. I spend July and August near Reedsport and want to fish the Umpqua for Smallmouth. I regularly fish EEl lake and Ten Mile lake and I'm looking for additional fishing grounds. I have a 14 foot aluminum fishing boat with small gas outboard and electric trolling motor and want to know if there are stretches of water where I can launch and then have a mile or two without rapids. I love to fish for Smallmouth and I'd like to do it by boat if possible.


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Your are going to be hard pressed to find anything about Sawyers Rapids that will give you a mile of rapid free water. Which is where all of the good bass fishing that I know of is. I am not sure about bass fishing in the tidal water though.


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Henderer Road

Google: Sawyer's rapids county ramp

Not to be mistaken with Sawyer's rapids rv park.


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Yes. It is exactly what you're looking for if you can maneuver your boat through the shallows at the ramp during low summer flows.

There are times I cannot launch my sled there but a light boat with a small motor should not be a problem.
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