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New(ish) fly fisher here, been at it for about a year and generally targeting trout. Planning an overnight this Thursday and at a bit of a loss of where to go for good stream/wading fishing. Fires are an issue and much will be dependent upon the smoke but all things being equal to where they are now I’d love a recommendation (anywhere in the state- I live in mid-Willamette Valley). Prefer fishing dries as I haven’t caught then back of nymph it yet.

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October Cadus.
Thanks for the quick reply Brandon!

So, I’ll show how green I am here... I have yet to fish the Deschutes (aside from quickly catching a single fish on my honeymoon in June just outside of Bend- yes, my wife is AMAZING and let me get a little fishing in on the honeymoon). Do you have a recommendation on which section to target if one is camping for a night?


If you are up to the drive, up past Swift Reservoir in Washington, there is a small road that leads off to a gravel drive. on this road there are camping sites (no water, no bathrooms) that are big and far apart. No reservations needed. Anyway, at the end of this road is a trail, down the trail is the Muddy river. Absolutely packed with nice bows, and the occasional whitefish and cutt. Me and a friend were fishing deep fast holes and pockets with nymphs for bigger trout and whitefish, and then the river would become wide and we fished dries and had to wade in to fish other parts of these sections of the river. We probably caught between 15 and 20 trout in an hour and 5 or so whitefish. Biggest whitefish was 1.5' ish and was caught on a beautiful undercut bank and sky blue water. The river is spectacular, and the campsites are well shaded as they are deep in the forest. When we went there it wasn't crowded, and their were plenty of camp sites avaliable.

No address or road showing on maps so here is coordinates:

46°06'53.0"N 122°00'16.1"W​

Also some pics from trip (didn't get much):


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If you are up to the drive, up past Swift Reservoir in Washington, there is a small road that leads off to a gravel drive...
Wow- incredibly detailed report, thank you! That trip might not be in the cards this week (we’ll see) but I will definitely be heading there in the future!


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I too live mid-Willy. When you're ready for lake fishing, there are a couple lakes in that same area (2-3 hours from McMinnville) that are great opportunities, if you have a pontoon boat or float tube (or a cartopper for that matter). One is particularly good with dries this time of year (Coldwater, near Mt. St. Helens). If dries are your fave, that would be a good choice.

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Reporting back:

Had a great time on the Lower Deschutes! Camped in a BLM campsite south of Maupin and caught a couple native Redsides on BWO’s late in the day, October Caddis hatch isn’t really taking off yet. Fun fact- BWO’s in this area are almost black! I tried fishing some darker patterns provided by John at Deschutes Canyon Fly Shop (great shop, very helpful and knowledgeable but the dark variant is very difficult to see in lower light and the fish didn’t seem to mind the standard pattern. Only caught a few fish (had a monster on but he broke me off on the rocks) but those that I did catch were absolutely worth it. Most anglers were having their most productive times nymphing and I tried it in the morning without any success... I have yet to learn the way of the nymph.

I took a drive north of Maupin to Sherars Falls and the confluence of the Deschutes and White is beautiful! Some interesting water prior to the confluence too... Inspiring landscape and fun fishing, I’ll definitely be back.

Thanks again for all the recommendations here!
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