Trolled Detroit last Saturday


Spent last Saturday morning, with 2 friends, trolling around the Santiam arm (Hoover campground area) of Detroit. It was a late start as we put in about 7:45 am. We were planning to head over and fish the Brietenbush arm too. But motor issues prevented us from venturing too far.

We took out around 12:15, and brought 8 'bows to the net. And we missed at least that many additional strikes. All fish were 12" and under. But even the dinks put up a pretty good fight. In fact I got the first fish and thought it was much larger; until I saw it up close.

Dodgers with trailing worms (or orange power eggs and worm combinations) were the trick. Didn't see, nor hear, of too many other fish caught.

A somewhat slow day; but it was still fun to hang out with my friends and soak up some sunshine on a 70 degree day on the water.

P.S. I forgot to mention that we were primarily fishing the channel in 30 - 50' depths. One rig had the worm trailing the dodger about 10", the others were trailing by 2-3' each.

Took this pic, before we put in at the Hoover ramp.

Detroit in the morning.JPG