Trask River... hatchery line, dam hole, fin clipped, decapatation


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WoW... as a non-resident first timer to Garibaldi, and new to river fishing except for a few trips to the Rouge River I am really confused by where, when, how and for what I can fish for on the Trash...

WHERE...Trask River Road... Are there any "signs" I could use to find a legal place to fish?

WHEN...I will be in the area the month of May - are there any restrictions in May I need to know about?

WHAT... can I fish for? Springer run? Steelhead? And what the heck is "the hatchery line"?

HOW... do you folks fish for Salmon (if there are any running in May) - I learned how to PLUNK on the Rouge. Do you use that technique or do you have a local variation.

Really.... ANY help would be appreciated!

Here's a pic from the Rouge I posted on that forum.. I was NOT on the other end of the line unfortunately!

Thanks in advance
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Hey there!
I plan on fishing the trask consistently and some info I won’t be able to share but it looks like springers should be running in May (all of this according to some well placed websites). In terms of where you can fish legally, I can’t really help you there because I haven’t seen it myself. But I can tell you what a hatchery line is. It’s essentially a dead zone where you cannot fish with a certain amount of feet from the intake (where hatchery fish will congregate). For instance, Hatcheries will put restrictions on their upper and lower intake (you cannot fish X amount of feet from the lower intake and Y amount of feet from the upper intake). It’s safe to assume that if you’re fishing near a hatchery, your best bet is to fish well above, or well below a hatchery site. And I know you didn’t ask but the salmon fishing deadline will be at the confluence of the North and South fork Trask rivers (Trask river park). I hope this helps!