Tragedy at Yaquina Bay Bar


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Truly sad...RIP gentlemen...

NEWPORT, OR (KPTV) - Three fishermen have died after their boat capsized in the Yaquina Bay Bar Tuesday night.
Coast Guard officials said the commercial fishing vessel, Mary B II, called for an escort across the bar at around 10:15 p.m.
When a crew arrived, the boat had already capsized. Crews were dealing with 12 to 14-foot seas during the initial response.

A Coast Guard aircrew recovered one of the fisherman, identified as James Lacey, 48, from South Tom River, New Jersey, from the boat at around 11:30 p.m.

Lacey was unresponsive and transported to Pacific Communities Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.
According to Oregon State Police, the second fisherman, identified as Joshua Porter, 50, of Toledo, Oregon, was found near Nye Beach at around 12:28 a.m. Porter was pronounced dead at the scene.

The boat ran aground on the beach near the north side of the Yaquina Bay North Jetty, according to OSP.
OSP said the boat skipper, identified as Stephen Biernacki, 50, from Barnegat Township, New Jersey, was found with the boat and was pronounced dead at the scene.


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Such a tragedy! I just read an article stating the captain's best friend tried to talk him out of crossing the bar.
And the greenhorns from New Jersey's local deckhand was quitting due to the captain's inexperience.

And they said "we got this," and ignored the Coast Guard's directions.