Toodle pip, Oregon


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Hello friends;

All good things must come to an end, and my stay in Oregon is about to end. Work and family issues are calling me back to India, I am relocating at the end of this month. I, and the family off course, had a fantastic 4 and a half years here, and I thank you all for making a difference to me. I reckon troutdude gave me the best advise of anyone here when he asked me to dump powerbait and get power eggs. Tanner taking me in all those wonderful trips, and getting me my first coho, steelhead, chinook and cut throat. All those back and forth about eating nasty stuff like carp and shad and milt. rogerdodger ger and bass writing all those great reports, the grandma with the rod wielding her wrath on the spammers.... I sure will miss being an active member of this forum.

Fact, ever since I left my hometown for my engineering studies 22 years ago, I have spent more time in Portland than any other city. Right now it is more of a hometown for me than any other. However, with ageing and ailing parents, I feel that I will have more peace of mind in India in the near future.

Before anyone asks, my fishing career is probably over. Opportunities in India are few and far between, with a young family and busy career I do not think I will get any time for fishing at all.

In last 4 years I have probably visited OFF more than any other website, and I know I will follow OFF for a long time to come. So, do keep the pics and reports flowing.

As a German friend told me the other day, we always meet twice. So, till then, toodle pip!



Sorry to hear that, your parents are ailing my friend. It was getting to meet you, and catch a few 'bows at Hagg. I'm glad that I was able to, show you how to increase your catch ratio.

Best wishes to you, and your family.

Take good care,



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I wish you the best of luck Monty. If you do make it to the states again let us know. Thank you for all of your posts and pics.


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You are going back for the right reasons, trust me on that. Glad you enjoyed your stay here and that the forum was a good source of info for you. Safe travels!


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Damn Monty, making me shed a tear over here... I'm going to catch you via phone before the months up. Cheers until then !


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Sorry to see you leave Monty. I don't post much on here but its my go to forum every morning. I've really enjoyed reading all of your posts and truly hope you and your family the best of everything. Hope you can get your fishing fixes through this forum. All the Best to you and yours Bill


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Monty sorry to see you of luck with all you do.

Dana the Eastern Oregon Boy