Toddler friendly camping spots?

Hi all, I would like to take my 2 year old on his first camping trip but being kinda new to the Cottage Grove/Eugene area I'm not sure where to go. I would prefer a peaceful lake setting with good fishing and accessible with a tent trailer. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I Know a few people who have gone here every year for the last few years. Stub Stewart Vernonia. Its not in the Eugene area. Its further north and west of Portland. I believe it is the Newest Oregon State Parks.
Suttle lake has various campgrounds, but there is a great day-use area at the north end,
where its shallow, and gently sloping, with a pumice bottomed (no muck!) clear solar heated water, perfect for young families, and a great view looking over the lake at Mt Jefferson. I would make a day trip without the trailer, and also check out some other nearby areas. Blue Lake is a gorgeous mini Crater Lake, perhaps better for when junior can stay with auntie or grandpa for a couple days. Clear waters mean lightweight lines,
or the trout will just snicker at you ;)
Thanks for all the replies and great suggestions. For the first trip I think I'm going to stick close to home. I'm thinking maybe Cedar Creek CG up past Dorena or maybe Baker Bay on Dorena.
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