This coming weekend...

.. is sposta be bad ass!!! Sunny and 70-80 degees....

What's the plan?? Rivers should be in shape.. Lakes shouldn't be too crowded..

Attack steel with the new death stick?? Hunt some trout??

I only got 1 day to play! I think the river will be to packed to float..

I caught a 21" cuttie Saturday evening on the Lewis above Yale lake.. I with the 5wt.. talk about a battle.. We walked away with 4 cutties no smaller then 18" all in the same slot and within an hour.. wish my phone wasn't dead and had the camera :(
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When you say above Yale, are you talking the area right before Swift, or up above Swift too? I used to fish up there quite a bit!
Right before swift..
Awesome, never tried below Swift, but when I was growing up I used to fish right at the bridge before Eagle Cliff, and also up on the Muddy River trib - good fun.
Man that river between yale and swift is awesome fly water... there is a road just past yale that takes off to the right and crosses the river and heads to swift.. the river is just 50 yards off the road...
I'm willing to wager all but the most remote lakes will be bank to bank people looking to get out in the sun. If the water crafts don't get in your fishing hole,a swimmer will. Head for the hills!! lol
Left Bank
I've never had much success in that stretch between Yale and Swift. Most of the time I end up with white fish or suckers. There are tons of them in there. That stretch is sure a beauty though.....
I've been thinking of heading up that way within the next two weeks to fish Swift and some parts of the Lewis. What a great area and not too many peps.
I had a 30+ day with a gold ribbed hares ear.
Wife is comming home from a buisness trip Friday & I will have the TC loaded up & we will be heading out for a 3 day trip. I haven't decided yet if it will be one of my favorite fishing holes & camp sites on the Umpqua or a lake. It is free fishing weekend so I may opt for the river since I think the lakes maybe a little crowded for my liking.
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