The Fukushima 50

Mad dog
Good luck and God bless!!! I hope you guys succeed! :pray:

50 men attempting to stave off nuclear meltdown! Hat's off!!! :clap:
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The Japanese have long done things that others thought impossible...They'll get 'er done...
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this is indeed an excellent show of loyalty they have for their country,we could learn a lot from this
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"we will either fix it or seal it" is one of the quotes i have heard.

It sounds a little like martyrdom on the 'seal it' side. Either way, they aint going to come out healthy.

People like this give me continued hope for the rest of the world.
this is when true character shows.. I,ll pray for them, but as the old saying goe's... whatever doesn't kill you....... often makes you wish it had- I know they need blankets and water, but I wouldn't mind sending these fellas a couple cases of beer-
cheers to that, can't even imagine......
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