The Fall is near...


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Basically a copy/paste from FB. But I should have copy and pasted to FB, as this forum helped put me in contact with some of the best folks around...

Well, I'm about to embark on my 5th year as a licensed fishing guide in Oregon. They say it's the make it or break it year for a business...... So, who wants to come help me make it?

In all honesty, I'm currently sitting here, feeling very fortunate to have had this opportunity of making a living as a guide over these past few years. To say that it's been a wild ride, would be an extreme understatement. As with any job, or life in general, there's always ups and downs. It's often our ups that keep us going forward, and in this business I feel it couldn't be more truthful. The most rewarding experience of this endeavor, is the relationships that I've formed on and off the river. I'm forever grateful for this, and I cant thank my customers and friends who've helped kept the boat floating throughout this journey. I could go on and on about this, but I'll keep it brief for all of our sake.

As most of us know, we're about to be in full swing of our prolific fall returns of Salmon along the coast lines. That means the Chinook, and Coho, are about to be keeping us plenty busy. I have a few starter dates that I have available that I'm trying to put on the books. I'll have some more throughout the season, as there's some pending trips where some will likely become available.

Sept: 8th, 10-12th, 28-30th

Oct: 4-6th, 8-11th

Nov: 2-4th, 8-11th, 20-23rd

It's a two person minimum, at $225 per person. I can sometimes swing three, if the conditions permit.

I don't post a lot on this median anymore, so if you're looking for up to date reports, or an easier way to get ahold of me, contact me via email; or call/text: 971-275-6725.

I'll sign off with a picture that took place last season, where we managed over 60 bites in 3 hours of fishing. We had our hands full, that's for sure.