Tenmile Lake 6/28 - 6/30

I'll be fishing Tenmile the this weekend from my kayak. Camping nearby for two nights.

I've never been there before, going in a bit blind. Is the only public launch truly the big one on the west end of the south lake? Is it safe to go through the small channel to the north lake in a kayak?

What's the deal with wind there? Is it often constant, or heavier mid day than in the morning and evenings?

Any recent fishing you guys have done for bass there? Words of advice?


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There are 2 ramps. The big public one you mentioned and a small private one at the end of the canal at the north lake. The small channel holds a lot of fish,although somewhat narrow. No problem for a kayak, I get my 16 foot boat through without a problem. It can get windy in the afternoon, usually from the North/North west There is a large weed/Tule bank on the west side of the north lake as soon as you come out of the channel that holds fish. There is plenty of cover if you go straight across from the large ramp, as well as several nice coves. I prefer the south lake You may want to try Eel lake which is close by. Much cleaner water, deeper and less traffic. It does get windy in the afternoon, so keep that in mind. Have a good trip!
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