Swai? What the heck is that?

My wife came home with some cheap fish from the safeway. The label said "Swai" and farm raised, product of vietnam. Holy crap, we need to get our fish from vietnam??? Anythng to burn more oil. Anyway, it was fillets and looked kinda like catfish to me. She boiled it for the cats; they turned their noses up at it and would not eat it. So I took the rest, mixed up into a fish salad and used it for sandwiches; not too bad, but I think I might be growing a third eye.
I wonder if anyone knows what this stuff is.
swai is a south east asian catfish. also known as Basa and Vietnamese Catfish
I'm not down on Viet Nam. But, why would we even consider importing them???

I know, it's cuz it's cheaper to buy foreign and ship it here, than to buy domestic. But, what the H E double hockey sticks has our country come to???!!! No wonder people are out of work!!!
Left Bank
Kinda like my experience up at Diamond Lake resort. One of the headliner entrees was, of course, rainbow trout. In the decription it states that they come from Idaho.....
Don't know why the resort overlooking one of the best fishing lakes in Oregon gets their trout from Idaho.
Good point.

And not to hijack this here thread but...

there is a really good jerky store in Corvallis. They have all sorts of great jerky, pepperoni, etc. including different renditions of Venison Jerky. But, can you guess where the venison comes from?


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